Complaints Management

Complaint Management System, one of latest productivity enhancement tools, is used extensively by all organizations to book complaints using operators and analysis of pending complaints. The absence of paper movements ensures speedy management of complaints, which is quite impossible in manual mode. The Software facilitates the booking operator to lodge complaints and automatically schedule and prompt operators to send complaints to the concerned departments. Modern management information reports on complaint details as well as pending complaints with reasons and remarks presents management an enhanced approach to problems plus traffic situations of telephone lines.

Our Services and Their Features

At Gooutsource, we believe in having a perfect customer service call center that facilitates best customer relationship services. We utilize our best of a work force and deploy finest training and software development expertise to make sure our customers have the ideal experience working with us.

Why GoOutsource?

24X7 dedicated customer service calls center service to serve customers around the clock 100% transparency in operations; complete support of professional and well-equipped associates Offer an ideal blend of quality and affordable customer service